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Elduayen Radikal Art

Is the embodiment of boundless creativity and artistic innovation. Specializing in graphic illustration, this visionary artist seamlessly merges traditional and contemporary techniques to bring ideas to life.

Born in the heart of Gijón in 1988, my journey into the realms of Punk Rock, Hardcore, and Metal was my escape from the humdrum of everyday noise. The vibrant aesthetics of 90s Gijón, influenced by Skateboard and Surf culture, not only defined my music journey but also ignited my passion for dynamic visual styles.

As a guitarist in various bands, I immersed myself in the Punk Rock, Hardcore, and Metal scenes, absorbing the graphic language that would later mold my unique artistic style. Kustom Culture added an explosive and transgressive dimension to my designs, infusing them with a radical touch. Yet, my work also mirrors a harmonious blend of influences, incorporating elements from Pinstriping, sign painting, and lettering, creating vintage styles with elegance while preserving the raw essence that defines my entire body of work.

My technique is a marriage of the handmade and digital realms. I begin with ink-drenched nibs, brushes, and pens, refining and completing my creations digitally. My diverse portfolio spans design and illustration, including logos, posters, album covers, clothing, and various custom hand-painted merchandising items. Notable clients, including Skontra, Fastloud, Voodoo Grass, Ochobre, Cervecería La Traviesa, Omerta Xixón, Wolfest, Following Dreams, and Northskull Crew, bear witness to the impact of my distinctive artistic touch.

My official foray into the world of illustration and graphic design began in 2017 while pursuing my studies in Illustration and Graphic Design. In 2021, I took the bold step of dedicating myself exclusively to my passion, creating a signature style that not only reflects my versatility but also aids others in expressing their attitude and authenticity.

«And though you may not see me because I’m always in black, I assist you with my versatility in expressing your attitude and authenticity»

Corporate identity

Transform your business image with Elduayen Radikal Art’s expert touch on corporate identity. We specialize in crafting distinctive visual narratives that resonate with your audience. Elevate your brand presence and make a lasting impression through our unique design approach.

Font design

Refine your message with Elduayen Radikal Art’s Font Design services. Our expertise goes beyond letters; we sculpt unique typefaces that embody your brand’s essence. Elevate your textual identity and stand out with fonts that speak volumes.


Step into a world where imagination knows no bounds. Elduayen Radikal Art breathes life into ideas, crafting vivid illustrations that convey stories, emotions, and unique perspectives. Let your narrative unfold through the artistry of illustration, where every stroke speaks volumes.


Elevate your message with Elduayen Radikal Art’s Lettering expertise. Beyond words, we design expressive and custom letterforms that convey your unique style. Let your brand or project make a statement with lettering that captivates and leaves a lasting impression.


Transform your product into a visual masterpiece with Elduayen Radikal Art’s Packaging design. We craft captivating packaging solutions that not only protect but also enhance the visual appeal of your product. Elevate your brand through thoughtful and distinctive packaging that stands out on the shelves and resonates with your target audience.


Capture attention and convey your message with impactful posters by Elduayen Radikal Art. Our designs go beyond aesthetics, telling a visual story that resonates. From events to promotions, let your message shine on eye-catching posters that leave a lasting impression.

Elduayen Radikal Art: Where Artistry Knows No Limits

«Embark on a visual journey with us. Describing the indescribable, where every stroke tells a story, and creativity knows no boundaries.»