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Album Cover for TRT

The Rootless Tree EP «TRT» – The Rootless Tree is a Punk n’ Roll band formed in 2013 in Gijón (Asturias).


Embarking on the creation of the album cover for TRT – The Rootless Tree EP was an intricate task that demanded the fusion of artistic vision and musical identity. The essence of this project lay in developing not only the band’s logo but also a comprehensive visual narrative that resonates with the rebellious punk’n’roll spirit. The mission was clear: to encapsulate TRT’s distinct sound, where Punkrock converges with Speedrock, Hardcore, Oi!, and more, and translate it into a symbolic representation within the album cover.

album cover-TRT-graphic music
album cover-TRT-Portada-y-contraportada


As the gateway to TRT’s sonic realm, the album cover stands as a testament to the band’s Punk n’ Roll identity. Within this visual manifesto, the aggressive and powerful «album cover» design becomes the embodiment of TRT’s rebellious spirit, aligning seamlessly with the EP’s musical offerings. The logo, meticulously designed to evoke energy and attitude, serves as the focal point, visually representing the dynamism of TRT.

album cover-brochure-TRT
brochure-album cover-TRT
album cover-TRT-Your-Hits
album cover-TRT-TRT-
album cover-TRT-Psychosnitch
album cover-TRT-King-Of-Rock-&-Roll
album cover-design graphic illustratio TRT-hear-my-voice
design graphic illustratio album cover-TRT-hear-my-voice
design graphic illustratio album cover-TRT-hear-my-voice


The interior artwork takes inspiration from the iconography of punk rock, interwoven with the gritty allure of underground comics. These visuals complement the music, providing a cohesive narrative that resonates with TRT’s rebellious ethos. The repeated motif of the album  within the interior artwork serves as a visual bridge, connecting each element and enhancing the overall experience for the listener.

album cover-TRTNaked-Fierce-Delight
album cover design grsphic-TRT
album cover-TRT design graphic illustration


Beyond the confines of the TRT brand extends to promotional merchandise – T-shirts, picks, tote bags, and patches. Each item becomes a tangible extension of the «album cover» design, showcasing the aggressive logo and dynamic illustrations. Through these physical manifestations, TRT’s visual identity permeates various facets, reinforcing the rebellious aesthetic beyond the auditory realm.

Heavy punk'n'roll hardcore stoner black t-shit
Heavy punk'n'roll hardcore stoner white t-shirt

Heavy punk'n'roll hardcore stoner guitar picks
Heavy punk'n'roll hardcore stoner picks
Heavy punk'n'roll hardcore stoner-Shopping-Bag
Heavy punk'n'roll hardcore stoner parches


From the initial sketches to the final digital product, the evolution of the design encompasses meticulous craftsmanship. The raw, handcrafted essence, characterized by sharp shapes and powerful reflections, seamlessly transitions into the digital landscape. This transformation ensures that the expressive and energetic design aligns with TRT’s identity, offering adaptability across diverse formats and platforms.

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