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Folk Concert Poster "Conciertu les Lletres": An Ode to Asturian Folk Traditions

Elduayen Radikal Art is delighted to unveil the enchanting «Conciertu les Lletres» poster, a visual masterpiece tailored for the celebration of Asturian literature on the iconic Day of Asturian Letters. Featuring a stellar lineup of Asturian folk luminaries, including N’arba, Felpeyu, and La Bandina’l Tombu, this folk concert stands as a testament to the region’s rich cultural tapestry.

The vector illustration, a product of meticulous digital drawing and subsequent vectorization, skillfully harmonizes poetry with Celtic culture, creating a stunning fusion with Kustom and Vintage aesthetics. Yet, it maintains the authentic Folk essence that defines the Asturian musical genre. The design is an homage to the literary culture of Asturias, encapsulating the spirit of the Asturian Letters Day through a symbolic quill adorned with intricate Celtic traceries. The play of sunlight behind the quill elevates it to a divine symbol, representing the grandeur of this cultural celebration.

Folk Concert Poster detail
folk concert poster
Folk Concert Poster Tombu
Folk Concert Poster felpeyu
Folk Concert Poster illustration
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Folk Concert Poster conciertu les lletres

The overall aesthetic of the poster is a harmonious blend of vintage lettering, incorporating elements of semi-uncial and Celtic alphabets. This nuanced approach provides a layered representation of the event’s content. Intricately woven Celtic decorations, combined with frames reminiscent of both Celtic and Victorian aesthetics, showcase a unique blend of vintage, Kustom Graphics, and Celtic styles.

This Folk Concert Poster, predominantly realized in a palette of green and black, serves as a vibrant homage to the literary and cultural heritage of Asturias. It captures the essence of the Asturian Letters Day, embodying the richness of Asturian culture through a kaleidoscope of artistic elements.

Folk Concert Poster literature

Special thanks extend to the Llanera municipality and, notably, Isabel for entrusting Elduayen Radikal Art with the creation of this momentous poster. It is an honor to contribute to the celebration of Asturian culture, a splendid fusion of heritage and artistic expression.

Folk Concert Poster «Conciertu les Lletres» – Where Asturian Heritage Meets Celtic Elegance in a Tapestry of Literary Celebration.

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