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Letter Logos for the band "TRT"

The Rootless Tree, is a Punk n’ Roll band formed in 2013 in Gijón, Asturias.


«Letter Logos» play a pivotal role in the design project I undertook to create the visual identity for TRT, The Rootless Tree, a dynamic punk’n’roll band that I proudly belong to. Crafting a logo that effectively conveys the essence of TRT, blending Punkrock with Speedrock, Hardrock, Stoner, Psychobilly, Hardcore, Oi!, and various other influences, proved to be a challenging yet rewarding endeavor.

letter logos TRT band
letter logos TRT band white logo
letter logos TRT band grey logo
letter logos TRT band logo

Embarking on the journey of designing TRT’s identity, I sought to encapsulate the diverse musical styles that define the band’s sound. «Letter Logos» became the cornerstone of this project, with an emphasis on merging the initials into a distinctive symbol. The overarching goal was to communicate the energy influenced by rock with metal nuances and a rebellious attitude.

Influenced by the Kustom Graphics style and a lifelong immersion in various musical genres, the logo seamlessly combines letter initials with lightning-shaped endings. The result is a visually striking emblem that exudes an electric, fast, and distortion-laden aesthetic. The symmetrical and balanced structure, reminiscent of an arch, enhances the overall appeal, creating a design that mirrors the band’s sound.

Extending the brand into merchandise, specifically caps, becomes an exciting venture. The aggressive and powerful nature of the logo, with its sharp shapes and bold contours, translates seamlessly onto these products. The chromatic palette, dominated by red, white, and black, reinforces the vindictive and aggressive aspect, aligning perfectly with TRT’s influences and sonic character. Moreover, it’s essential to emphasize that the impact of the logo is not only visual but tactile, urging individuals to experience the intense energy of TRT by running their fingers over the dynamic design.

Delving into the realm of merchandising further, specifically guitar picks, presents an opportunity to showcase the logo’s versatility. The intricate details, such as thick contours and reflections, not only imbue the picks with character but also reflect the band’s energetic and expressive persona. Aligning with Hardcore music, Oi!, and Punk Rock aesthetics, the picks become an extension of TRT’s visual identity.

guitarra design trt
letter design

trt letter logos
Letter Logos guitar picks

In conclusion, «Letter Logos» not only initiate the narrative but become the threads weaving through TRT’s visual identity. From the powerful logo design influenced by diverse musical styles to the extension into merchandising, the collaboration with Elduayen Radikal Art ensures that TRT’s image is as dynamic and impactful as their music.


Elduayen Radikal Art

An integral part of this design journey involves acknowledging the artistic influence of Elduayen Radikal Art. The fusion of illustration and graphic design in TRT’s logo mirrors the expressive and energetic style championed by Elduayen Radikal Art. This collaboration enhances the functionality of the logo, ensuring its adaptability across various formats while effectively communicating the spirit of the band.


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