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Packaging Graphic Design "Fastloud"

Packaging Graphic Design: Bringing the essence of FASTLOUD to life. We crafted the dynamic logo for the band, capturing the velocity and strength that defines them. Dive deeper into their world with the cover design of their album ‘Dive in a Live’ and express your eagerness with our exclusive FASTLOUD-inspired T-shirt. Experience the energy – it’s more than just design; it’s a statement.

bike logo fastloud
logo online fastloud
fastloud Packaging Graphic Design
Packaging Graphic Design fastloud

Packaging Graphic Design: Unveiling the artistry behind FASTLOUD. Our logo and illustrations were meticulously crafted by hand, employing traditional techniques and markers. Dive into the carousel below to witness the organic, hand-drawn process that brings the essence of FASTLOUD to life. Each stroke echoes the passion and authenticity that defines this unique graphic design project.

packaging graphic design CD poster fastloud
Packaging Graphic Design
packaging graphic design cd cover fastloud

Dive into the details! Hover over the images to reveal the intricacies of our handcrafted logo and illustrations for FASTLOUD. Explore the traditional techniques and marker strokes that shaped their identity. Take it a step further – hover to unveil the front side of the T-shirt, showcasing the dynamic design in full view. This is more than just graphic design; it’s a tactile journey into the heart of FASTLOUD’s creativity.



FASTLOUD is velocity and strength, FASTLOUD is eagerness

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